are my ducklings pekin or cross of pekin???


7 Years
May 19, 2012
3 weeks ago i bought 2 yellow duckling ( 1day old) now they grow their feathers. one is growing complete pure white feathers with orange bill and feet. and another one also grow white feathers but on her/his back also grow little blackish gery fuzzy feathers and in first 2 weeks his/her bill and feet are whitish pink but now his/her bill and feet became whitish yellow in color. so what type of 2nd duckling?? is he/she cross of pekin??? the first one is looks confirm pekin. and the 1st duckling grow size/weight very fast with slight feathers but 2nd is not increase weight/size as fast as 1st one but grow feathers very very fast. plz tell me what type of ducklings are?? mutation?? thx

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