Are my girls different?!


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May 18, 2017
I have 6 2-3 month old girls and I have just recently started letting them out in the yard. They stay pretty close to the coop but they NEVER GO BACK IN ON THEIR OWN! My neighbor has maybe 25 full grown hens and she literally yells "go home girls" and they all go home, meanwhile I'm catching each one to put them back inside. I heard they would start to go in once it began getting dark but so far that's not the case. Any suggestions?


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Apr 22, 2016
DeForest, WI
Take a can with a little scratch or BOSS(Black oil sunflower seeds) with you to the run, shake it so the seeds make noise and give them a taste before you let them out. Do this for a few days to condition them to come for their treats at the sound. After that just shake the can and they will follow you right in. Good luck! :D ( Mine would follow me anywhere to that sound, just a conditioned response)


Nov 28, 2016
Douglas County, Minnesota
How long were they confined to the coop before being let out into the yard?

If they transitioned from the brooder to the coop+yard all at once, they may need to be locked in the coop for several days, and then given access to the yard.

Don't know the history of these birds so figured it was worth mentioning.

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