Are my girls going to be too crowded?


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We are finishing up our A-frame tractor and have to make a decision about the size and placement of the roost. We were going to use a wooden dowel, but after looking around on the forum I think we should just go with a 2x4.

The coop part is about 3 feet off the ground and there's not much head room for 5 chickens if we put the roost up high. We have 3glw and 2 bo. To give them plenty of headroom, we'd have to put the roost right over the entry hole but I think it'll be okay if we put it just to one side. It'll only be about 3 inches off the floor. Is there any point in putting one in at all?

I doubt if there's any law requiring a pole for them to roost on. As long as the straw/bedding is reasonably clean they could sleep right on the floor.
Chickens are like wild turkeys, roosting while sleeping for security from night-time predators.
With an enclosed coop at night, they might relax their instincts a little.
Not necessary, but they sure like roosting, even if it is just a few inches off the ground. Mine will choose a 2x4 on its side laying on the ground rather than the ground.
Okay, a 2x4 roost, with the 4" side up is really not a problem as long as it can be close to the floor. Maybe we'll put one length-wise and the other across about a foot in front of the nest boxes.

It's going to be a tight fit, no matter how we do it.

Thanks for the input!


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