Are my girls ok?

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    Feb 5, 2019
    so, I’ve only posted a couple of questions here, mostly reading and learning so much from all of you. I have a question now...
    My girls 2.5 months old...I had 10 original girls, now down to 4 as something killed 6 of them during the day when I was at work, and they was free ranging. The reason I thought they would be ok is my neighbors leave theirs out and have never had an issue. As my luck would have it, I found 2, and never found the rest of them.
    Nonetheless, our remaining 4 girls are losing feathers. They dust the mulch, dirt, under the outbuilding, and I have put DE earth everywhere I’ve seen them dusting to cut down on the mites. But when they shake, feathers...not a ton, but feathers are coming out. Do they molt at this age? Am I not feeding something they need? Or what could possibly be their issue? I just want to do everything right...
    Thanks in advance!
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    In my opinion DE really does nothing.

    At your local farm store they should have some garden and poultry dust that gets rid of any unwanted mites. Here’s a picture of what I get at my local tsco

    Just use this stuff the same way you’ve been using the DE
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    At 10 weeks , they are probably going through a juvenile molt.
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    Are they itching/scratching? Are they preening all the time? I personally think DE is a good preventative for coop infestation but the problem with DE is you'd have to be able to put it everywhere they could pick up mites/lice and if they free range that could be A LOT of places!

    I agree a poultry dust would be best assuming that's the issue but they might just be coming into their big girl feathers! Hold each of them and check their feathers down to the skin. Mites and lice that would be causing feather loss would probably be pretty visible by now.

    As far as feeding goes, if they're out during the day are they eating their grower feed? Mine free range and sometimes they start losing interest in their chicken chow.

    Good luck! I hope it's just growing girls!

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