Are my goats pregnant? Pooch test advise and opinions

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    Dec 19, 2014
    I have four does, two mini nubians, one mini lamacha, and a nigerian dwarf. I raise horse but this is my first year with goats. I bought a two year old nigerian dwarf buck, who has been living with my girls for the last two months. Within a week of putting the buck in with them all of my girls came into heat. This first heat was the most noticeable. The does were wagging their tails as well as trying to ride other does and the buck. I noticed a white discharge from my mini lamacha doe. The buck seamed very interested. He was peeing on his beard, licking and chasing the girls around. I did not witness the buck breading any of the does. However, my does continue to come into what looks like a milder heat. They are waging there tails and standing for the buck, but there is no discharge. I was concerned that the buck might be to short to breed my does since three of them are taller then him. I tried making a stand for the buck. I backed the girls up to the stand and they stood there nicely. The buck would jump up on them then get right back down before doing anything. I recently talked to another goat farmer who said that does can have false heats after they are breed and that I should separate my buck so that he does not try to breed them and cause them to miscarry. I have else heard that having a buck live with the does might cause him to be uninterested. I now have my buck separated, but I have not idea if my does are bred or not. I would appreciate any advise. I tried to get pictures of their vulvas, but some of them did not come out that well. Let me know if you can tell anything from the photos or if I should try getting better pictures. Thank you


    The above two photos are of Raven, a black and white nigerian draft. I bought Raven with the Buck. She was his companion. I do not know if or when she was bred, but I would assume earlier in the season, maybe september. She is two.

    The above two photos are of Luna. She is a twelve month old mini nubian and the tallest of the four does. She has been with a buck for two months. I do not completely understand the pooch test. I read that if the tip of the vulva point down then a doe is pregnant. Luna's tip points more straight out.

    The two photos adobe are of Hufflepuff's vulva. She is a ten month old mini lamacha and the second shortest. Her tip is pointing down and looks a little puffy, but the still is not very long. She has also been with a buck for the past two months.

    I was unable to get a photo of Giny. She is two and has kidded once before. Her vulva looks very similar to Raven's.

    I will try to get better pictures. Any advise is very appreciated, thanks
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    By the pooch test, it looks to me, the top and bottom doe looks bred, the middle one..not so much. But the pic is not as clear, so. I can't say for sure. Pooch test is kinda hard to go by.

    Have you looked into the bounce test? There are some good videos on how to do it on YouTube.

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