Are my hens turned off by a broody hen?

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    Aug 21, 2011
    I have just had my first hen go broody - she has been sitting for 4 days now. Since then the others have completely stopped laying except for the boss hen who pushed the broody hen off to lay.
    They are not broody at all and I know they arent laying elsewhere.
    They certainly arent yet due to go off the lay, we are still in summer here.
    I have seen them go into the coup but then they come out again, no fighting or anything they jsut seem to change their mind and walk out.The broody hen is in the middle of the pecking order so I didnt think she would be scaring them off and there is also another laying box (which they have used many times) next to the sitting hen.
    This might be a stupid question but I have never dealt with a broody hen before - would she be putting them off laying?
    Should I move her to a seperate yard?
    Loking forward to hearing your advice [​IMG]
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    Are you sure they're not laying in the same box she's in and she's just adding the eggs to her clutch? That's a common problem with having a broody in where others are laying. Then, you wind up with a lot of eggs with different incubation start dates and a really bad hatch. Check under her---just take her off the nest, it'll be okay--- and mark the eggs you want her to brood. Then check under her each day and remove the unmarked eggs.

    There's no way a broody can stop the other hens from laying. If that were true, chickens would have died out long ago!
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    What donrae said!

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