Are my Mallards boys or girls?


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Apr 16, 2017
Ok so I thought I had both boys. They are 9 weeks old. I posted 1 for sale as a boy and everyone is saying it's a girl. They have a raspy peep. I can hardly get them to peep and they have a little bit of green shine on their head. If we have a girl we would love to keep them just couldn't have 3 drakes to 1 girl. I can get a video of them peeping but it won't be until my boyfriend gets off work.



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I know very little about ducks, but I do know wild mallards the females and males are colored differently. So based on that, I'd say you have all females. Again though, I know very little about ducks.


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Male mallard ducklings will be colored like a female until their first molt, so at 9 weeks, you can't go by color.
If they aren't actually quacking, then it will be more difficult to tell. With my male, I couldn't tell by his peep until he actually had a voice and was raspy. So not sure if raspy peeps indicate male yet or not.
I would think by 9 weeks, they should be quacking by now if girls though.

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Im not sure what you mean by the raspy peep thing either.
They are easy to sex by voice when old enough but im not sure if yours are or not.
Yes males have a green sheen on their heads when young that the females dont. Also the females penciling is more defined then the males. First way to tell for me have always been by their bills. Males turn greenish and females orange with some brown.
From pics (which are tiny on my phone) looks like first and last pic is of one male and one female. Second and third pics look like males.
The one that looks female doesnt look like my mallards. Has a mallard type pattern but I dont know whats going on with the light stripe above eye. Never had any look like that. Are you sure they arent rouens?

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