Are my mother hens doing a good job with their baby chick or should I remove?


Feb 17, 2014
I am wondering whether to remove a baby chick from her mothers and put her in a brooder. She is about 1 week old and the only chick that hatched. There are two hens that sat on her and bonded with her so they are all 3 in the "nursery" portion of the coop. Two days ago, the chick's leg was injured when my daughter closed the coop door. She is getting better, but since that, the mothers have been ignoring her and I worry she is not getting sufficient warmth. It is about 75 degrees out now. They are tolerating her well, not hurting her and when I pick her up, they chase me and seem concerned, but she is allowed under them very little and this morning, the two hens were snuggled together while the chick was about a foot away. Any advice?

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