Are my muscovy duck hens really muscovy duck hens?


10 Years
Apr 22, 2011
I bought two muscovy hens. One is blue pied and one is silver. I asked the seller if they were pure muscovy and he said yes. However, I went outside yesterday and the guinea was chasing them (mean guinea for another post- I would re-home him if I could catch him). Anyhow, they quacked!! They don't quack other times, but I thought they never quacked. Does this mean they are mules?



(It's the two on the left in this picture.)

Any thoughts?
I think they are pure! They have the right beak, legs, tail, etc.... My female who hatched her eggs "quacked" at me once. It doesnt really sound like a reagular ducks quack, but its still a quack. So I would say yes they are Muscovy hens. Oh and they are BEAUTIFUL by the way, so is your other one in the second pic. I love Muscovies they are so much fun and have such different personalities. Nothing like regular ducks.
Thank you! Yes, I really like them. And it was an odd sort of quack, but definitely not a hiss ...
Gosh, I hope you are right!! Thank you for the encouragement!

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