Are my pullets cockerels?

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    Jul 29, 2014
    Yesterday I bought the 2 chickens(shown above) they are light susses (possibly crossed with maran or brahma) I was told they were pullets of about 18 weeks.I also bought an 18 week old cuckoo maran (shown below) which was kept in a different pen so wasn't comparable at the time. Now I have them home and have been watching their behaviour I have noticed that my 2 year old roosters have been more accepting of the maran and have tried to mate with her. Where as the other 2 have been ignored by the roos. My existing hens are tolerating all 3 new chickens and are treating them all equally. I have noticed the maran either on her own or with one of the sussex but the 2 sussex are rarely together.

    The thing that has concerned me most about the sussex was that they squared up to one another face to face necks stretched out and feathers splayed. I have never seen this behaviour in any of my existing flock. Which has made me think I have been sold 2 cockerels.

    Please could anyone have a look at the pics and tell me what you think. I can't have any more roos here.


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    The very top 1 is a cockeral.Notice the red combing and things then look at their tails.The 2nd pictures a pullet and the very bottom 1 is a maybe.I'm pretty for sure your cockeral was just letting the pullets know he';s boss.Now the bottom maybe a cockeral.Just younger and slowly to mature.For right now lets stick with pullet.
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    Cockerel, cockerel, pullet - 85% certain on second cockerel.

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