Are my pullets waterproof?


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8 Years
Mar 20, 2011
I have seven 12 week old pullets of 7 different breeds who run around in the rain all day unless i shoo them back into their covered run. They have plenty of trees and bushes, as well the porch, to hang out under if it really pours, but they certainly don't seem to mind the Portland drizzle. They do mind being stuck in their run all day. Am I being paranoid about worrying about them out in the rain? Should I force them undercover or let them roam as long as they are able to take cover whenever they would like?
Let them roam around! I am from Portland, so my chickens also know a lot about the rain. The rain only matters if it is pouring down rain, and then my chickens naturally go to hide under one of the trees or in the coop. If you also live in Portland, (which i assume you do since you are portlandchick) then you don't need to worry about the cold either cause portland rain generally is pretty warm (by rain's standards)
Thanks for the reply! I had a feeling I was being paranoid, but needed a little confirmation. Glad to here from another urban chicken farmer in Portland!

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