Are my RIR "girls" boys?


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Went to the feed store 6 weeks ago and asked for 4 hens. Came home with 2 mature, laying Barred Rocks and 2 RIR "pullets." All is well with the BR's. The RIR's, however, are neither laying eggs nor crowing. I don't know how old they were when I got them, but here's what they looked like the day I brought them home from the feed store 6 weeks ago...

And here's what they look like today...

I'm new to chickens, but those long, green tailfeathers are worrying me. Do I need to rename "Fern" and "Nelle" "Fernando" and "Nelson"?
They look more like new hampshire reds.

Here's my RIR, much darker feathers. I have no clue what the sex of yours are.


on the right

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Asking the same question on a young RIR(?) myself. Confusing to say the least. I'd actually like for mine to be a Roo.

The one closest seems to have a much bigger comb - but the legs don't look that thick.

Hope someone with some breed expertise is able to help us both out. Good Luck!
I bet they are new Hampshire red hens. The one in the back maybe a boy, but I doubt it. I can't really see any saddle feathers.
Production Red roosters. New Hamps are orangey-red.
If you look on thier back at the new feathers coming in, they will be pointy and shiny.
I can't see the photos real well on my The one looks female, but the green tailed one looks suspicious. The one without the green tail has wider feathers at the saddle area. I always thought production reds were the same as rhode island reds? I bought mine from the hatchery, so she's on the lighter side of the RIR's. I get great eggs from her. How old are they anyways? If they are under 4 months old, they are boys for sure. Their combs are pretty well developed.
Thanks for all the replies, Everyone! :) Keep 'em coming!

Nicole01, unfortunately I don't know how old they are. I've had them for 6 weeks. So they are (x + 6) weeks. Not helpful, I know. How old do they look to you in the first photo?

Sounds like the best case scenario would be that they're Production Red hens. So I'm going to hope for that!

If they are roosters, though, will they make black sex link babies with my Barred Rock hens? Is that only RIR's? Or will Production and New Hampshire Reds do that, too?
Well, hens start laying at about 20 weeks (5 months), so there is still a chance they are hens, and there combs/waddles aren't very big, so my guess is they are hens! Good luck

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