Are my two Black Australorps ever going to lay normal eggs?


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Hi all, Newbie here. I have 2 RIR girls laying perfectly for the last month. The trouble is my 2 BA girls. Helen the big one has laid about 3 eggs in the nest box over the last 3 weeks (so I know she knows how). My other BA Francis, has never laid an egg with a shell. I have lost track off how many softies I got.
they all get get Layer ration with added oyster shell and grit and scrap veggies (I have cut the veggies back hoping it would help).
For the 3rd time, this morning I had 2 broken thin shelled eggs on the floor under the roost! Grrrr
I think the thin shells are an improvement (I mixed ground OS in some plain yogurt a few days ago)
So how long befor they 1) lay normal shell eggs and 2) put them in the nest box instead of dropping them from the roost?
thank you in advance, so glad to finaly join in the fun of BYC
I only can suggest the things you are already doing. But hopefully someone else will have some more advise for you. And
from Wisconsin.
Thanks for the support! I'm sure I need to show them alittle more patience while they figure it out.
It's tough being new!
Mary Ann
Mine will not eat oyster shell. Are you sure yours are eating it? I grind up eggs with the shell on and then scramble them. Gives them good protein and calcium at the same time.

If they are new layers, it may take them a while to lay good eggs.
Great idea! I'll try that tomorrow. My dog is going to be jealous.
When the egg shells get normal, will that help them to want to lays in the box? Heck, I'd be happy if they'd lay on the floor! The eggs don't survive the 2 foot drop from the roost.
Thanks for the help. Mary Ann
yep, golf balls are in. My RIR girls caught on pretty quick. They each only misplaced a couple eggs each. They are so sweet and have only taken 2 days off in a month.
It's my 2 BA's, that are dropping the rubber eggs from the roost. It's almost like they think they are pooping and don't even try to squat. I hope they figure it out soon. This has been going on over a week now.

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