Are Porcelain D'uccles Dark, laced and have black tails in Turkey?

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8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
Wiltshire, UK
Apparently a dark, laced bird with black tail feathers and black feet is a porcelain if you are from Turkey. Is this right?
I can't find any birds called porcelain with these markings or colour, but am being told to do my research by some guy who insists his bird is a porcelain and that he's been breeding them for 27 years?

In other countries, Europe included, Porcelain is actually the normal version of our Porcelain. Ours is "Isabel" Porcelain because of the Lavender that affects it, which to us is normal Porcelain. To them, it is Isabel Porcelain. Take the Lavender away and it is Porcelain or Brown Porcelain.
thank you
. so their porcelain looks like our millie fleur in a way. i just seen some very pretty colors on there
When I told him that it wasn't porcelain, he went off on one calling me a child, telling me to do my research, and saying that I was an amatuer who knew nothing. When I still insisted it wasn't porcelain, he started saying that I was sick and needed therapy. Lol. Some people are very odd.

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