Are pullets' eggs less fertile?

Lark Rise

9 Years
Jan 22, 2011
East Central Georgia
Are pullets' eggs less fertile? I have 5 pullets ( different breeds, all 10 mos old) with one rooster. I've tried incubating 6 of their their eggs, but only 2 developed. 4 were clears.

I'm so confused because I have been cracking their eggs and checking for the "bullseye" and all the different eggs have them.

I'm giving a dozen of the eggs to my friend this Sunday for hatching. I hope she isn't too disappointed.


11 Years
Aug 28, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
They can be, it depends on each pullet and how receptive she is to the roo. If she is skittish, she may 'escape' him and be infertile. Only way to tell (without cracking the egg) is to brood for a few days. Give her a few extra just in case? Sometimes bulls eye is hard to see or determine if the cell is really small. Bestest of luck to you, pullet eggs are supposedly extra healthy (rich) as my friend puts it. I can't tell any difference, except size.

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