Are red Sussex hens commen and are they good egg layers


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Okay I have red Sussex hens and I was wodering if they are really commen and if they are good laying chickens and if they are like good as in non aggressive I have only had them For a little while so I was wondering how they act around people and what other red Sussex hen owners would rate them


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Jan 12, 2012
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Red Sussex chickens will have whitish legs that sometimes get a pinkish tone to them. Red Sussex are not easy to get a hold of.

Miller Hatchery and Rochester Hatchery, both in Canada, sell a Red Sussex Cross. The Miller Cross is Rhode Island Red Male mated with Columbian Plymouth Rock Females. Miller Hatchery Red Sussex Cross, if they used the birds they say they do on their web site, will have yellow legs.

The Red Sussex Cross will probably be a very good layer (I'd bet on it.) as long as they're fed properly and well until they're adults, you know, and the other stuff necessary to give them a good start in life. Crosses often lay well because of heterosis. (See link in my tag line.) I don't know if these are common or not.

Purebred Red Sussex, a variety of the American Poultry Association breed called "Red Sussex," is not common at all. There are a few different varieties of Sussex chickens: Speckled, Light, Buff, Coronation.

Sand Hill Preservation Center sells the Red Sussex variety of the Sussex breed and few other breeders might, too.

If you bought them from Miller Hatchery, then I'd guess you have the Red Sussex Cross. If you bought them from an individual, then you could have Red Sussex chickens or you could have Red Sussex Crosses. Look at the legs. Also, good Red Sussex chickens will be a dark, dark garnet or mahogany (or similar) color.

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