Are roosters all mean??? Please tell me they aren't!


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We got a rooster and I really don't want him to end up a bully! What are your roosters like? Do they run at you? Do they take care of your hens, or just lord over them? Are any of them very sweet?

Our little Mr. Incredible (6 1/2 weeks now) is very tame and friendly, if a little quiet, actually. Does personality as a chick carry over at all into adulthood?
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I've had mean roo's and i have had decent and really nice ones. My asil roo (in my avatar) will come righ up to me and i can pick him up. He's an awesome roo and treats the hens great
what kind of roo u got?
we have a barred rock roo ho lets my 2 year old pack him around, but it looks like he is being rough on the hens but doesnt hurt them, we have some small orps and speckeled sussex he has takin under his wing (so to say) keeps them in his sight and will herd them back if needed,

we also used to have a rir roo that was very aggresive, would strike at everyone, and everybody

so i believe its the roo, and the way he was raised, I personall will always have 1 around
My oldest RIR roo "Big Dawg" will not charge anyone but the dogs. He will keep a good eye one everyone and if you threaten any of other chicks he will become aggressive. As long as you respect all the chickens he is no problem. The other night my wife and I went out to close the coop after dark; "Big Dawg" was sitting on the top roost of this pole and we both got to pet him without any issue. I do believe he enjoyed it as the smaller chicks usually get the attention.
I think a lot of a rooster's temperment is due to his nature, but nurture can affect it too.

Some roos are just born wary & defensive, unhappy with excessive handling, pushy & demanding. It would be difficult to improve these inborn characteristics, but you might be able to eventually win his trust. Or harsh treatment & rough handling could only make him act worse.

Other roos act like your chick, by nature tame & friendly. With consistent careful handling & kind treatment he could continue to act this way into adulthood. Let's hope so. But even a chick like this could change once he grows into his manhood.

It's always a good idea to have a Plan B for any rooster, to put immediatly into effect if he becomes unmannerly.

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