are salmon faverolles weak as adults also?


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
just lost(died)4 day old salmon faverolles picked up from meyer hatchery and it was suggested that SF do not thrive well as chics
so IF this is true should I assme they are non thriving adults? had my heart set on gorgeous friendly roo and possibly hatching some chics but now I don't know.
pic is of survivor(don't know if it was male or female that died)
I raise bantam Salmon Faverolles and I find they are very weak till they get feathered. I lose about 30% of chicks. But as adults they are hardy. I seldom lose an adult.
I don't really know but most showy breeds are super weak as babies and generally weaker than say Brahmas or RR's as big chickens.
keep in mind you live in florida(and I am HIGHLY envious,my dad lives there and I have visited many times-LOVE) I am concerned if an SF can handle 0 degrees or worse even tho they have a shed with sunlight. I have 2 pekin ducks(boy & girl) and loved your pix.
thanks-will forge ahead with plan to get (probably a roo now) a boy faverolles and maybe another girl or two because I am so interested in their personalities/gorgeousness. love all of my chickens ,though. this was a hard time as out of 30 chickens I had never lost one(as a chic, only had 1 adult die at 6 1/2 yrs old)

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