Are Sebastopol geese good mothers?


Feb 13, 2018
Uncasville, CT, USA
our 4-H club has two broody Sebastopol geese with eggs that are due to hatch soon. (10 and 9 eggs). I have heard that Sebastopols make poor mothers and that you should remove the goslings as they hatch to raise seperately. (Tend to step on them and crush them is one thing I heard) Anyone with experience in this area? Thanks!
I don't have any sebastopol geese but all of our geese manage to kill of all there babies, they have an brilliant hatch rate but only some survive due to them bringing the babies onto the dam to early and they then drown. But we have one excellent mother who manages to raise almost all of them to adult hood. so I think it may just depend on the goose.
I'd let them try most geese are excellent mothers and fathers too, you just have to make sure they have plenty of space in their area where brooding and they don't panic. So all has to remain calm around them when hatching and days after is going on. You also have to protect them from dangers like too deep of water right off you want them to be able to safely get out of any water container, start with rubber feed pans to play and splash in and gradually work up. Geese are wonderful parents the whole gaggle will help raise the little ones.
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I always take mine from them and raise them. To expensive to loose by an adult stepping on them or a predator taking them.

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