Are showgirls a seperate breed than silkies?


11 Years
Jan 31, 2008
Or are they just an unreconized (sp?) variety? If they are a seperate breed being worked on, are they similar to the silkies as in bearded/nonbearded? Do they breed for the bowtie or without?
A showgirl is a naked neck silkie, In show they dont judge them with the silkies . You can see in my pic the tag from the show, how did they put them down.

Like silkies, showgirls can be bearded or not. As there is no standard at this point they can have or not have the bow tie. There seems to be some disagreement among breeders as to whether they prefer to have it or not.
Did they get them recognized yet into the standard of perfection or the Bantam standard?

I was not aware of that if they did

it takes 5 people showing and 5 yr records to present them to the standard committee and they like to have quite a few shows that they have showed at if they are to be recognized
also a certain number of birds shown to be standardized at a show.

if they are not in the standard I did not think they could win over silkies

as you seen they are in the silkie class feather feet and called a silkie showgirl

so they have to beat out the recognized silkie shown in the silkie class to get a champion award

I am going to email Alan Standford he is a silkie breeder and see if they are standardized in the APA and ABA

email me any questions
I am not sure if they are in the standard of perfection yet, they are under AO something ahh i forgot , I will have to ask.
Showgirls are not recognised; I'm not sure that they are even ready for it--first the breeders will have to agree on a standard.

They show as AOV--any other variety--along with other unrecognised varieties such as lavender, blue partridge, cuckoo or porcelain. Lavenders are well under way towards meeting the requirements for recognition--largely becuase the lavender breeders are working together to define the standard. It does help that self-blue is an already recognised variety whereas showgirls are ratehr unique. But from what I've seen there is more effort into working towards a standard amongst sizzle breeders than amongst showgirl breeders. Sizzles are pretty new to the scene.
I am not sure if they are in the standard of perfection yet, they are under AO something ahh i forgot , I will have to ask.

AOV Any other variety?

Ok i knew it was Ao- lol
Another difference i have noticed in showgirl versus pure silkie is the size difference.
Showgirls are a tad smaller than a pure silkie.

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