Are Showgirls More High Strung than Silkies?

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  1. i have this little brood of four showgirls (and one silkie) that will be 3 weeks old on Sunday. i realize i have not spent as much time with them as i should. But they seem very nervous and super flighty. i put a small dish of yogurt in the brooder with them and they acted like it was a snake. Even now, ten minutes later, they're avoiding it like the plague and have moved as far away as possible.

    My silkie chicks last summer would be cautious of new items, but then curiosity got the better of them fairly quickly. But these guys are something else. Could it be the naked neck influence? Any input from Showgirl owners would be greatly appreciated.
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    yes it's the breed. mine are always more flighty than my silkies. when older even mine are the same way still. soon as i go to the coops they run, freaking into the runs, like someone is chaseing them skwaking,lol.

    silkies stay in the coops and chater away and come to the doors to visit and be curious and want held and peted but not them. i do have some that don't do that so bad and are just inquizitive and shy but they have been ones i've socialized more with and held and played with more.

    my advice is to socialize and play with them as much as posible when little to avoid them doing it more as adults.
  3. Thanks, i was hoping you would see my post and comment. i will try to spend more time with them. They're very cute. It probably doesn't help that they're in a brooder on the floor. They most likely see me as some giant monster every time i come near. But that's the only spot right now until they feather out a bit more and i can move them to the garage on a table.

    So, do you know, are the naked neck chickens really flighty?
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    My standard NNs are not as bad as the banty hen I have. The mixed NN/silkies are wierd. They seem to forget where their pen is....
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    i have raised standard turkens, bantam turken and showgirl. the showgirls seam to show that trait more and bantam turkens seem to be 2nd in line to show it also from what i have seen with my own flocks. my standards were not like that though, they'd always want to jump up on our laps and were more people oriented, never notice this with them.
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