Are Silkie crosses good layers?


Feb 24, 2013
Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this (if someone has a better idea which thread it should go in let me know!)

I am on my first flock of hens and am getting wayyyyyy ahead of myself, but it seems I have a Silkie rooster and 7 hens and am considering raising some babies in spring (if I can keep Rusty the roo). I definitely dont need any more chickens but have a friend who is planning on getting chickens, so I was thinking maybe I could give them to him?

Thing is, he'd want them for eggs, hence the question. All my hens are good layers (I'm hoping, theyre still only 11 weeks old), I have 2 australorps, a light sussex, a white wyandotte, 2 welsummers and a token silkie hen!

Any one with silkie crosses who could give an idea of how their hens lay would be great! :) And pictures are always welcome! :)

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