Are Silkies like Chow dogs?

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  1. [​IMG]Found my silkie rooster and his sister fighting off a hawk that got ino the run today, Chloe the Silkie hen put everybody into the coop and guarded the doorway, while Mr Woof the Silkie Roo did the over-under-got-you-from-behind-the-brains ninja rooster fight, the poor hawk was on its side scrambling away with the rooster attached to his nape, when I got there I held the wire more open so it could escape. Which it did, followed by Chloe like a bullet. She is SO FAST and SO FIERCE its hard to believe she's the same sweet little hen who's always broody.

    After I made repairs to their hoop-run (DH and I had left unfinished for a few weeks [​IMG] ) I came in and reported YET ANOTHER hawk attack by our Silkie hen, Chloe. She is a mighty little bird.

    DH says outloud, "They're like those Chow dogs from China aren't they?"

    Then I remembered, Chow dogs have black skin and black tongues. Silkies have black skin and black tongues.

    Chow dogs have foofy fluffy hair. Silkies have foofy fluffy hair.

    Chow dogs are known for their fierceness, they protected Emperors' Palaces, right? Silkies foremost nickname is "Evil Silkies". This is the second time we've witnessed Chloe's fierce mighty will over predatory birds. Poor cats who come into the yard don't stand a chance against Chloe. She stalks squirrels, too, low to the ground like a prowler, then WHAM! like a bullet she's after them and bangs into them!

    [​IMG] How did they do that, breed things like Silkies and Chow dogs, so strange and distinctive? But so similar? Is it coincidence? Anybody ever notice that?
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  2. ziL

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    Hmmm... that is an interesting point. Both did originate in China though, right? They might have cats like that too. [​IMG]
  3. Ksane

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    Jun 21, 2011
    lol! I've got Chows and adore them. They're smart enough to make you believe they don't know know what you're telling them to do [​IMG]
    And I've got Silkies, might be onto something there. My Chows are gentle & submissive, very well tempered. But also very suspicious and protective of us. Yup, sounds a lot like your hen!
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    my mind has wandered down a similar path, wondering if different areas "branded" animals with specific traits so that they were easily recognizeable outside the region.

    For example:

    Jersey goats and cattle are of similar color

    Lakenvelders and Belted Cattle follow a similar pattern

    Black and blue chickens in Spain alongside black horses and black cattle
  5. Shayna

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Funny and cute story. They must be related! Glad no chickens were hurt!
  6. ChickiKat

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    Great thought pattern. Makes me want a silkie chow cat..
  7. ziL

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    Haha, just wait until there is a fuzzy fish!

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