Are silkies really songbirds? Be honest.

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    Jun 10, 2010
    I've taken a few sick chicks (a couple months old) into my house for treatment- two silkies, two black copper marans, and an unknown black chick. The marans are pretty much silent unless I pick them up, and the unknown black chick chirps mostly a single note, but I've become convinced the silkies think they are songbirds, especially the little white one. It's literally downstairs singing as I type, high fast trills punctuated with low sharp wheeps, this thing is scaling notes up and down, round and round and it seems like it never stops. I actually though I HAD somehow gotten a wild bird caught inside somehow when I first heard it. Sometimes the grey one joins in and then they really get going!

    Is this normal? I mean, right now I'd really like to strangle them both just to get some peace and quiet in the house, but once they've been treated and put back out I think this would be a nice sound to hear amongst the other chickens. Is this just sick chattering or do silkies just sound more awesome than other chickens?

    I'll try to get a video with sound, but they like to stop when I get near their cage.
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    I do not know about silkies, but I have a buff orpington that thinks it is a song bird.
    Maybe it is an individual thing. that bird figured out how to play with it's vocal cords accidentally and decided it was great stuff. Like the first person who chewed on a chocolate bean.
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    Quote:Your silkies, like mine would, are fussing about a condition(s) that you've put them in. When silkies are dissatisfied, they waste no time letting you know. They're chatterboxes if something/anything is not going THEIR way.
    My bbs Orpingtons accept anything, whatever their fate, silently.

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