Are specific Chicken breeds more susceptible to lice infestation?

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    We have a relatively large flock of various chicken breeds Americana, BCM, BO, BR, RIR, Light Brahma, Polish and plenty of barnyard mix. It appears only a few have been subjected to lice some more than others and some have never had any. They all share the same coop and roost together. During the day they are all our free on the property only in during the evening. Is it possible specific Chicken breeds are more susceptible to lice infestation?
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    I think it's possible. My silkies are the most prone to mites. The barred rock and cuckoo marans are the least prone to them. The polish are somewhere in between but not too bad.
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    I just had one Black Copper Maran Rooster very badly infested with lice the only other birds I have found them on is a Light Brahma pullet and cockerel. When we had Silkies they never had any parasites. The Light Brahma pullet and cockerel nowhere near the amount on the BCM rooster.

    Darn it! We have over 50 birds; guess I will have to treat them all as a precaution.

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