Are Spitzhaubens Good Chickens

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  1. So I want to get a Spitz but we live in AK so it gets cold. I was just wondering are they nice, good with confinement, good with other chickens etc. Any info would be nice, thanks!!!
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  2. Anyone?
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    My experience with them is they are good chickens and they are one of my favorites. I have them in a coop and they do very well. They seem really hardy. The only trouble I have with them is if you raise chickens with them they do ok, but if you ever add any new ones it is bad no matter what you do they seem as if they fight to kill. I had to pull out every new pullet I have tried to add to them. I had a hen go broody once but she killed the chicks she hatch. As long as you raise them with the chickens you are going to put with them and never add any new ones and never set them off if they go broody than you are ok. They are beutiful and friendly it is just they are best really to keep by there self. They are good layers also. I hope that helps.
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    Never had any issues with the cold with my Spitzhaubens. They are cold hardy breed.

    Nek, I never ever had any issues like that with my Spitz, old and new. They all get along wonderfully with other breeds. Never had a broody one but many of them said they get broody but terrible mothers (like the Welsummers) but there are exceptional few that are good mothers.

    Ther eis a link for the Brabanter/Spitzhauben thread on here you can check out.
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