Are Swiss Cheese Plants TOXIC?


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
So I broke down and bought a Swiss Cheese Plant (split leaf Phliodendron)a couple days ago. I have never had one before but always thought they were really neat. It was bone dry when i bought it but in good shape, nice & green and growing well. I repotted it into an 8" pot, it was pretty rootbound so i loosened it up best i could without wrecking it. I gave it 1-Cup of water and left it on the table overnight.

Today i have noticed that it's leaves have been 'weeping' all day, I assumed it was just getting rid of excess water ...Until my mother came over.
I guess her mom, my Grandma, had one of these for a very long time & she told me that it used to do the same thing and she also said that the water stuff it weeps is somewhat toxic, is this true?

I have wiped it off a few times today and then I moved it closer to the fireplace when i built a fire earlier, figured ti would help dry the dirt out. My biggest worry is that I have a cat, kitten actually, and I just KNOW she would try to lick the droplets off if she could get near it so I need to know just how toxic this plant is.. or if it is. I can put it in a place to keep it out of her reach, but i would feel better knowing, just in case i would need to move it in the future.

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