Are the berries from the Burning Bush toxic to chickens?


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Jun 28, 2012
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So we have a "burning bush" in our back yard, and it is boring and green most of the year, then the leaves turn bright red in the fall. After the leaves turn red, the bush produces these orange/reddish berries on it.

I have yet to let the chickens out to free range since the berries have formed because I can't find any information on whether or not they are toxic to chickens. Can anyone give me any information on this? I know the girls will totally start chowing down on these berries, so I want to make sure they won't hurt them.

I don't know about chickens, but the local birds love them. They have planted the hillside with plants now. The plants have become an invasive species. Yikes. I do love them in the fall though. Gloria Jean
I was going to say the same, the wild birds love them, so I doubt they would hurt the chickens, I haven't seen mine eating the berries but they probably have.
I doubt that chickens will eat anything bad for them, if they have choices. Considering that chickens have been around for a long time with no help from us, they should be fine.


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