Are the nipple watering systems worth it?


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Apr 13, 2011
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I have been reading and researching the nipple watering systems are they really worth it? Is it best to install them inside the coop or out in the run or both? Any adivse would be apreciated chicks due to go out into the coop in about 4 weeks
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do you have a regulator on the system or how do you supply the water to the nipples i know tht is prolly a dumb question i am just trying to see what works best for folks :eek:)
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We have winters that dip into the negative and no way to power a heater for the water, so we just switch out frozen bottles for thawed. even with that it's a million times easier than thawing out the big waterers. They stay cleaner and it's easier to see how much is being used because there is no spilling.
Nipples are great. Less mess and saves water. The way I use mine is I took a bucket and drilled holes in the bottom, installed the nipples and hung it from the ceiling of my coop. I just pore water in it and put the lid on. Keeps your birds from getting bedding and poo in their water. I have 9 girls in the coop now and only have to mess with the water once a week.
Where are you getting the nipples from? And then will they work on rabbit feeders? Would love to switch to these, because with the wind we have here, seems like the water is always messy.


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