Are there any breeds that can hold their own better against predators?


9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
For example, the Polish Cresteds are at a disadvantage due to not being able to see very well past their hairdos. Are there other breeds that are less prone to being eaten? Thanks in advance.
If you want crested breeds that don't have a vision imparement, either get Brabanters or Spitzhaubens. Or if you are still partial with Polish birds, band their hairdo to a ponytail LOL!
If you have neighbors that you LIKE, you wouldn't want Guineas. They are CRAZY.
The game birds, depending on the breed, can either fight them, or get away well.
I got a bunch of red Junglefowl. Very good at getting away from predators. Just don't try to catch them!
Never lost one to the hawks.
Thanks. We have some Spitzhaubens--I think they are sharp-looking birds. Reminds me of a tux, kind of. We had guineas but they all got eaten. :( No neighbors a mile in any direction so we're good. We can make all the noise we want! Will have to look into the junglefowl.

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