Are there any breeds that don't do well together?


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then I started thinking it may be a bad idea to have a single smaller chicken in a flock of much larger birds...also not sure that a bantam would be able to sit on many eggs in the first place.

When my son requested bantam cochins as part of our flock I likewise brought the question to this community and found that the consensus was that they are so docile and timid that they get picked on. So, instead, we have a large-fowl cochin, who is so timid and docile that she even yields to chicks, but who is not actually bullied.

It probably helps that she is not the only feather-footed bird -- I have a Brahma and a couple French Cuckoo Marans.

One of my Blue Australorps was a serial broody last summer and I hope to have her hatch me a clutch or two next spring. But I also hope to get an incubator.

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