Are there any collie lovers out there?

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    Dec 22, 2007
    About six years ago at christmas i was surprised with a gift that i always wanted. what i got for christmas that year was a collie puppy. my grandparents knew how much i wanted a collie so they decided to get me one for christmas. i named her puppy Cassie. i still remember my reaction when i opened the box and saw that it was a collie puppy. i started to cry because i was so happy that i got my christmas wish. for a few weeks cassie stayed in the milk house. then one day my grandpa said that we were going to be putting cassie out in her new outside kennel the next day. the next morning my grandma told me that there were a couple puppies left that were being avertised in the newspaper. i asked her if i could get cassie a sister so that she wouldnt be all alone and she said yeah but i was going to have to talk my grandpa into it. so when my grandpa got home that afternoon i had to beg and beg and beg. and he finally said "ok" so then we called the place that were selling the puppies and then went to go get cassie's sister crystal. Cassie is sable, black and white. and crystal is all white with a couple sable patches on her. they are both very very beautiful rough collies.

    Does anyone out there have a collie??

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