Are There Any FDA or USDA Regulations on the Selling of Farm Raised Eggs?

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    Apr 19, 2012
    Hey Everybody,

    Anyone know what the regulations would be regarding selling eggs in Montana? I know if you try to go organic that you come under a lot of scrutiny but what if you're just trying to sell free range eggs? Would there be any special regulations that I would have to worry about? Federal or State? [​IMG]

    I could use some of your wisdom[​IMG]
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    I guess my first question is how many eggs do you plan on selling? I think the FDA and USDA only get involved when you cross state lines or sell as a wholesaler otherwise its the states call. It varies from state to state,county to county and townships here in Mass. If you plan to sell locally check with local laws, given you live in Montana I would think they are fairly flexible. I think you could sell them as free range farm fresh eggs without a hitch but organic is somewhat complicated thing as far as requirement.
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    Apr 19, 2012
    Ok thanks [​IMG]
    Yeah we just have a small operation. 20 hens currently laying. We just wanted to sell some to help cover the feed so I figured I should see about any laws that might apply.
    Again thanks[​IMG]
  4. ThistleRidgeGA

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    It may not be USDA, but it may be state-regulated. Here in Georgia you have to pass a candling and grading class to be certified to sell farm-fresh/free range/home-grown eggs to the general public. Don't use the term "organic" unless you've passed the USDA guidelines and certifications to do so:
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    Here in VA the inspection laws only apply when you sell over "X" dozen a week, I can't remember the exact number but it is a LOT of eggs. With 20 hens you will probably not exceed your state's quota. Just don't label them at all with terms like "farm fresh," "free range" etc, and sell in cartons with names and data from previous companies crossed off. Here in VA you must also put a label on them that says your name, address, phone number, and "Ungraded." There may be a few other laws. You can get away with not doing these things as long as no one gets sick and tries to sue you. When we sell to friends and neighbors we often don't worry about labeling issues.

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