Are there any ground covers chickens won't eat... I am drowning in sand!

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    May 31, 2007
    Hello, my yard is a sand pit. The chickens can not take full credit. I am fencing off sections in the hope to establish some plant growth, anything! Anyone have suggestions for a North Florida yard that might be livestock resistant, or at least unappealing to chickens?? Help!!
  2. Chickens are the only true omnivore, have you though about AstroTurf or concreting your yard and painting it green? Sorry, I could not help myself.
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    I recall a set up someone had where they had grass growing in some boxed off areas with fencing over it.The hens could step on the fencing and eat the grass,but they did not kill the grass.I will look to see if I saved a pic of it.Ok found some pics.Pm if you want to see them,because I do not think I am allowed to post someones pictures. I saved all her pictures,because she had the most awesome set up for her chickens.Sadly she had to cull them all,and I don;t know if she ever got chickens again.

    You can fence off areas long enough to get something growing on it,and then let the chickens in,and plant/fence off the spot they just left. I had a grassy area that I just dumped mulch over it,and tossed some seeds of rose of sharon and sun flowers.

    I use plastic fencing,bamboo poles,and zip ties to fence off spots.
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