are there any recessive chocolate poultry in the USA?

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Apr 1, 2009
Wondering if there are any recessive chocolate poultry here in the US... recognized/standard color or not. ...bantam or standard?

... not dun chocolate but recessive chocolate.

I'm pretty sure the chocolate wyandottes in the US are dun-based, although you should contact them to ask. I am pretty sure that there are choc seramas and dutch.
are they recessive choc?

...and do you know you might sell eggs?

..thanks for the info
You can ask, but most people working with rare colours don't sell eggs. You might have better luck asking to purchase birds.

I would check with Jerry Schneidecker (I may have spelled that wrong) of the Serama Council of North America.
I have heard that some of Jerry's are dun and some are the sex link chocolate. I have a chocolate pullet from him. I haven't bred her yet to know for sure if she is dun or choc. Here is a pic. I don't think he has any full chocolate birds right now. Maybe in the spring though?



Thank you, Sonoran ... good idea. I am very happy to buy chicks or eggs... just want some CHOCOLATE!!! LOL
thank you for letting me know. I did email them but hadn't received a response yet.

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