Are there any substitutes for Tricide Neo ( for bumblefoot treatment).

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    Jun 22, 2017
    I have had multiple chickens with bumble foot over the past year. One of them had bumble foot on both feet but it went away without intervention, I had to do surgery on another one (it worked, but I hate causing so much pain to the chicken involved). I had another one that died of bumblefoot, and now I have a limping duck with a swollen bump on her foot.

    The coops are cleaned regularly and the chickens and ducks free-range most of the time, so I don't understand why or how they keep getting infections. But I guess I should get to the question: What is a treatment for bumblefoot that does not require surgery? With each case I tried soaking their feet and applying Neosporin, but in two cases out of three had to do surgery. I wish I could get Tricide Neo, but I cannot find a single legitimate place that sells it. What do I do? Are there more common substitutes for Tricide Neo that I could get from, say, Tractor Supply?
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    I just treated one of my birds tonight for bumblefoot - a hen, not a duck. She’s been limping for a bit and while I looked at her feet, I didn’t identify it as such until today. (Side note: I feel very guilty about not identifying it sooner! Reading these forums has been soooo helpful!!!)

    I temporarily sacrificed a really nice foot bath for the effort. Warm water and plain epsom salt. Took her out after 10 minutes, wrapped her in a towel and looked at her feet. The bumble on one foot came right out- hard as a rock and healthy skin underneath. It was more between the toes rather than on the main pad, so slight pushing popped it out. Shocked, I grabbed her other foot and the other one worked itself out with a bit of picking. No blood.

    Maybe try the soaking/gentle picking method.

    Henny is resting comfortably in the isolation pen in our basement. She ate some fresh greens I had growing down there under lights, pieced some food and reluctantly settled down on a comfy towel.
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    There are many sources for it it is used heavily by goldfish folks like google it but bet case look for clear iodine
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    I tried Tricide Neo and it did work but what a pain to soak the feet for a week. It did draw the plug up so I could get it all out. I still have several chickens and ducks with bumblefoot. I just cannot treat this many by soaking them. I was wondering, has anyone tried Smile's PRID Homeopathic Drawing Salve for bumblefoot? Thought it may work but putting it on and wrapping the foot to try to draw up the plug.
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    You can try the Prid to see how well it works. A lot of people also use Clear (Decolorized) Iodine in the same manner. I think a lot depends on the size of the Bumblefoot. Soaking and wrapping, of course, is part of the treatment.
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    Wyorp Rock is correct. The bigger the scab, the longer it takes for Tricide Neo to heal the infection. It's a long healing process for larger scabs/infections, you have to have patience. People use Tricide Neo because they dont want to surgically remove the infection or because of the cost of Tricide Neo. I've used Tricide Neo. Expect complete healing time with SMALL scabs/infection to completely heal in about a week. Compare surgery healing time of 5- 7 days with LARGE bumblefoot scabs/infections.
    Trineo doesnt draw the infection out. Soaking the foot in warm epsom water draws the infection up.
    Personally I prefer the surgery, it's quicker.
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