Are there any tricks to using a Lttle Giant Incubator

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    I ordered some turkey eggs and didn't think about how many would fit in my automatic incubator with egg turner, so I went to the local feed store and picked up a Little Giant 10200 (w/fan no turner) to last until I get the other automatic incubator I ordered.

    Are there any tricks to using this incubator? I have been "playing" with it for about a day now with 3 digital thermometer/hygrometers and have noticed that there are decent fluctuations (2 - 4 degrees) between temperatures at different points in the incubator. I have the incubator in a room that doesn't get below about 65°F and usually not above 75°F. I have the water wells filled and the humidity seems to want to stay around 50%. I believe that is within tolerance for poultry eggs.

    I had actually decided that this would be my hatching incubator, but my mis-calculation (stupidity) puts it into use as a regular incubator at least for a week. I know I will have to hand turn the eggs (I figure that is my punishment for my mistake) [​IMG]

    In any case, If you have any helpful tips on this kind of incubator as a regular incubator OR as a hatching incubator, I would appreciate your help.

    Thank you,
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    I'm a real newbie, so can't really speak for the quality of the LG incubator - I have one, have used it once, and had a rather questionable hatch (though some of the eggs I used were questionable; the eggs from once source did great (5/7), and the eggs from another source did poorly (1/19)). The temperature did fluctuate quite a lot, and mine is in a very stable room.

    I would like to add a question for anyone answering the original post: I have the turner. How should the eggs be oriented for the sake of the chicks inside?

    -- Susan
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    Hi all, Eggs in turner should be pointy end down-wide end up. On day 18 remove the turner, lay eggs on sides-they will be fine.

    My little giant still air w/no turner had temp fluctuations between 98 degrees and 102. I had every egg out of 18 hatch with the exception of the last 2 silkies-they needed a little help as the membrane had dried out.

    My recomendation is to put your bator in the most stable, least temp fluctuation area. I put mine in the master bedroom closet. And no, I did not forget to check the temp, humidity, or forget to turn them either 3 or 5 times a day. You do not want cool air blowing on them or drafts. You also don't want an area where it will heat up in th emiddle of the day.

    You can use the search function at the top and search this site with the words little giant, stable temps, humidity, etc. to learn a bit more about others experiences.
    Best wishes:)

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