Are there any waterfowl vets near or in Las Vegas Nevada?


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May 19, 2016
Las Vegas Nevada
Hi all,

I have a duck that has congenital arthritis. I received her from someone else that didn’t do anything for her deteriorating condition. She was diagnosed back at K-state (when I lived in Kansas) and has been on Meloxicam that she gets every morning. She has been on it for a few months now. It helps with the inflammation but the vet back at K-state said to really watch out for her quality of life because with congenital arthritis it can be a rapid deterioration. It devastates me to think I will have to have her humanely put down in the near future. I want her to have more good days then bad and not get to the point where she can’t move at all. Right now she waddles awkwardly around with her two girl friends but she lays down aLOT of the time, even with the meds. She tires out easily. I can tell she is getting a little more uncomfortable every day and I think in the next couple of months I might have her put down. I don’t know where there are any waterfowl Veterinary practices around me. I will drive as far as I have to in order for her to be properly and humanly put down. Are normal vets able to put ducks down humanely? I am unsure-I just want it to be as peaceful as possible. I love her so much and makes me cry to just think about it. Thank you

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