Are these Ameraucanas or EE's?


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
This rooster and the 2 hens were sold to me as an Ameraucana trio from a chicken farmer. Now after reading about how much confusion there is over the Ameraucana/EE chickens, I wonder if I actually have EE chickens?? The hens both lay a pale green egg although sometimes one of them is a bit more khaki in color. It doesn't matter to me because I absolutely love these chickens! The hen with the whiter head (Audrey) lays really big eggs and we've had another chicken farmer asking to buy her from us but we won't sell her. The rooster is so docile but he's very alert and spends more time looking around while the hens are eating. He's also a great mate for the hens.
If these are EE chickens, how can you tell? Sorry the pix aren't the greatest. They won't hold still long enough to get a good pic!TIA!

The rooster

Abby the hen (that's a plastic bag behind her head on the ground; we were feeding them treats to get them to pose!)

Audrey our favorite hen!
They are EEs. There are only certain colors which can be considered Ameraucanas... check out their website for more information.

FYI, many people sell EEs as Ameraucanas, most likely because the hatchery sold the birds to them as Ameraucanas.
What a pretty rooster and your girls are such cuties. They are EE's and I just love EE's. I have 9 EE's and 4 will be laying here in about 6 weeks, i am so excited. You just dont know what color of egg you will get from them! I am going to take a picture of each hen and the egg that she lays. I am hoping for blue, green, pink and aqua eggs...perhaps even a pink one.
You have a beautiful trio of EEs there! Their coloring is gorgeous--I bet you will have a waiting list if you choose to sell their eggs for hatching! If I were in the market for EE eggs, I'd buy!!!

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