Are these Americauna chickens?


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Jun 6, 2013
Manor, Texas
Was sold these chickens at a local feed store, but seen that a lot of people think they have this breed of chicken but turns out something else.
What breed are these chickens?

Sorry the spelling was my mistake. It takes a bit to remember how to exactly spell it Lol.
These 5 are our first chickens, I'm not familiar with all the breeds. I do know 1 is laying eggs and always a blue egg.
I recently bought 12 fertilized eggs that are currently day 3 in the incubator from a farm that are claimed pure breed and the same blue egg color as the egg my chicken lays
I had a lot of trouble, also, when I first looked at getting chicks, because all the hatcheries mixed the names Easter Egger, Ameraucana and Araucana. They are 3 different breeds.

Yours seem to be Easter Eggers because their legs are green. Also, they're multicolored. There are white Ameraucana, but not white/red.

Did the farm who sold you the eggs tell you what color the birds would be? There are only 8 purebred colors, and any breeder who has spent time and $$ on their birds can tell you the color.

Here's the Ameraucana Breeders website, with pictures of each color male and female.
She said they are wheaten ameraucanas, but could have a possible chance of a Blue ameraucana rooster fertilizing some of the eggs they had.
What color are their legs?

The "wheaten" ones are Easter Eggers, so I would guess the white is, too. They are the wrong color to be wheaten--way too red. Also they should have black in their tails, and they shouldn't have that blue on their heads.

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