Are these babies BR?


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May 20, 2011
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I wasn't quite ready for chicks, but my neighbor was out in the boonies near a chicken farm that was overrun. She had her 8 year old kid chase down these little babies for me and brought them over. HA HA!! I got them and they seemed to be just a day or two old and we've had them less than a week.

I'm guessing BR by pics of other babies online, but I'm so new to this, they could be anything!

They're not barred rocks -- there is no white spot on the backs of their heads and their wing feathers are solid colored. There are many types of chicks that are black, so you'll probably need to wait till they're older to figure them out -- plus, there's a chance that they are a mix rather than a pure breed. Maybe you can just check with the farm and find out which types of chickens they have so you can narrow it down.
mother o' chicks72 :

australorps or jersey giants. look at the bottoms of their feet, if they are yellowish pink they are australorps, if black then JGs.

X2 Not BR's​
Sorry to bump this again, but I've noticed in the last few days some red lacing on the wing tip feathers on 3 of the 4 chicks. I've read in some threads that some lacing goes away. Would this fact change the Australorp consensus to a Wyandotte or anything?
I don't think all these chicks are australorps and maybe none are. There's a good chance they are mixes - especially, if all the chickens on that farm were running loose together.

Australorps are black and typically have yellow or white tummies and faces when newly hatched. Australorps also get white wing tips that later go away, but other black breeds, such as Black Andalusians or Black Jersey Giants are colored the same. The red lacing is not an Australorp trait - I can't think of any black chicken that would get red lacing. Gold Laced Wyandottes are very striped as babies - they don't look like the chicks in your pics.

Here's some black chick pics:

These are australorp babies:


Barred Plymouth Rock:


Black Ameraucana and Easter Eggers (fluffy faces - yours are not this type):


Black Cochin bantam (feathered feet):

Black Copper Marans:


2 Black and 1 Blue Andalusian:


Edited to add: There is nothing wrong with mixes, if that's what yours are - just means you'll have to wait till they grow up to see what they'll look -- Surprise chickens! They'll still be entertaining and lay nice fresh eggs.
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I would guess Black Star pullet since females are all black and males have a white spot on the head, the legs look like BSL also...could be wrong tho, lol I'm trying to get you some egg layers.
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