Are these both cockerels?


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Mar 17, 2008
Hi all -

I would love your knowledge and assistance in helping me with these two young chickens. I have some 8 week old chickens - these two I am thinking are cockerels, but am hoping they aren't:

Chicken #1 is an EE - we hatched on April 1st.





I've never had an EE before, and are those saddle feathers? The other EE that was hatched is a grey/brown coloring, a little smaller, but the feathers all down the back are more rounded.

Chicken #2 is a RIR, picked from the pullet bin at our local feed store. I've never had a RIR before - the comb and wattles look pretty prominent and red me, but I'd love your opinions.




Thanks so much for your help!
I'm going to say that the EE is DEFINITELY a roo. Look at those shiny feathers coming in! I can also see some roosterish looking tail feathers.
The ee is a roo, the coloring is a dead giveaway. How old is the rir? I'm leaning toward roo, given the comb and thick legs, but age and a full body shot would help.
I think they are both roos. The EE based on the coloring and the red comb. I also have a 9 week old RIR and her comb is still small and yellow.

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