Are these Cochins?


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I was told by the former owner these are both Cochin hens. Their coats look similar but one has feathers on her feet and another does not. Also, both are significantly different in size. They are supposed to be close in age.

If these are the same breed of chickens why does one have foot feathers and the other does not?


Hen 1

Hen 1

Hen 1

Hen 2

Hen 2

Hen 1 & 2

Hen 1 & 2
Thanks ramirezframing,
That makes sense. Seems like they are pretty close in looks in character. Their origins are different, and laying styles differ. But otherwise pretty close.
I am new to chicken keeping. What does buff mean? Is it just big and fluffy or a type of special color combination?

I though all my chickens are doing good. Until a recent inspection revealed what I believe are poultry lice. However, my Buff Cohin has strange blood spots. I would have to describe them as blood blisters. There are several. Lice information does not indicate they are caused by the lice (they are getting treated now). Any ideas what this can be?


Those are three little bugs. Oblong bodies. You can see some have red inside. I think thats blood that they have been sucking/eating from damaged skin. Yuk.
The feather has some residue on it. It looks like chicken mite eggs. And the little bugs look like chicken lice. Any ideas?

This rescue hen is older. I don't think she has ever given me any eggs. Shes quite heavy and stays low in the coop.

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