Are these coops big enough for 5 hens?


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May 10, 2012
Hi, I'm trying to have some comparable coops for price to see if I should build one instead.

These coops I found on ebay say that they are big enough for 5 chickens. My chickens are RIRs. 2 week olds right now.

I know that the coop should have 4 square feet per bird but I am having trouble calculating it correctly... Their run is 10X10

Here are the two coops:

The first one will hold a MAX of 2 large hens and the second will hold 3 large hens comfortably. The coop should hold 4 sq ft per standard sized bird IF they have 10 sq ft per bird in the run.
Thanks for the reply. They will have 20 sq ft of run per bird and I am in an area where it doesn't snow and it rains maximum 2 weeks out of the year, so they will be spending most of their time outside. Would I be able to fit them in the second one?
the smaller one is constructed from plastic panels stapled to lightweight framing. i dont believe it would last long outdoors, nor be secure from predators. the roost dowel looks like it would rip out pretty quickly. i wouldnt even consider it as an option for the price.
For the cost of the 2nd one you can surely build it cheaper. Make it simple, you can always beautify it later if that's a concern.

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