Are these eggs safe to eat?

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    Mar 8, 2013
    I wasn't sure what forum to post this in. I hate to admit, but I haven't gathered eggs from my hens all week. It's been getting pretty cold here and staying below freezing even during the day. The coop is in the shade, so it's still pretty cold. My hens don't lay their eggs until the middle of the day when I'm usually at work anyway, so I end up gathering them the next morning, or like this week, not until the weekend. Well, all the eggs in there were frozen and had cracked open. They were still completely frozen solid. I brought them in, peeled the shells off, and rinsed them quickly under hot water because the eggs had some poop smeared on the shells.

    So are they safe to eat? Would you eat them? Could I just keep them frozen and use them for scrambled eggs where they will be thoroughly cooked and texture is less of an issue? I hate to waste them :(

    Also, I added a heating pad to the coop to prevent this problem in the future.
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    I would feed them back to the chickens, once they are cracked they are unsafe. Beware of a heating pad, that could make your eggs unsafe as well.
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    Agrees, scramble them up and feed them back to the birds.
    And make time in your schedule to gather eggs when you get home form work everyday.
    How do you keep your waterer thawed out?

    Also would be leery of a heating pad in the nest,
    could be too warm and 'cook'/incubate them,
    might work but would take some careful testing.

    One guy heated his nests with a seedling mat.
  4. enola

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    Roll away nests with a seedling mat will keep eggs from freezing.

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