Are these feeding recommendations correct?


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Mar 4, 2012
Bixby, Ok.
The local feed store advised me to start giving the chickens oyster shell calcium and layer food at 16 weeks of age or when they start laying. They also said I should add grit to their food in small amounts as we don't really have any gravel or rock like things in our yard. Also, we shouldn't eat the eggs if they start laying while still on the medicated feed.
Can someone comment on this?


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Aug 20, 2010
Ruffin, NC
Put the grit and the oyster shell on the side in their own containers and your birds will eat what they need of it. Feeding them starter up until they lay is fine but probably after around 8 weeks old they could have a flock raiser, which is basically starter with no "medication" in it. There's nothing wrong with eating eggs from a chicken that's been eating "medicated" food. Lots of confusion is created by the "medicated" connotation. It's Amprolum (sp?) which is not an antibiotic in the normal sense of the word. It inhibits uptake of nutrient for the microorganism it helps the bird develop a natural immunity against. It won't hurt you nor can anything that would infect you develop a resistance to it.

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