Are these girls Barred Rocks?


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May 7, 2009
These little ones will be 4 weeks old Thursday, and every picture I have looked at online of Barred Rock Chicks look nothing like these two. What do y'all think? Pictures included.


those are not barred rocks i think they might be an ee or a brown leghorn someone else will know and also the first one is a roo i do believe and the second one looks like one too
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The top one looks alot like my partridge rock, but not the second one...that's odd! I'll be interested in what people say...

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Chickenbottom....please don't say they're Roo's, I have 5 already,lol.
Also, I bought them in Houston at Wabash Feed, I was told they were BR's, but they definitely don't look like BR's. If anyone can identify the breed...that would be great!

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