Are these NH Reds?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
Hi -
I got four hens last April that are supposed to be New Hampshire Reds... but now that I've browsed around the forum for a while, I'm beginning to wonder... they seem much too blonde to fit the NH Red description. Can anyone tell me what they are? Here's a photo (all four look very alike)


Thanks for any clarification!
Those do not look like my NH red. I am not real sure what they could be either. They seem like they are to light for buff orphington and also to light for a golden comet.
This is my NHred pullet, the darker colored pullet on the right. the rest are red sex links so they do not look like yours either.
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Well first, no such thing as a New Hampshire Red - They're called New Hampshires.
Hatcheries often stick the "red" part on there only because most offered by hatcheries are mutts with Production Red crossed in.

Your girls are Buff Orpingtons, though pale examples of such. (which is common w/hatcheries, but no matter)
As Illia said the is no such breed as a New Hampshire Red the breed is a New Hampshire.

Your birds look like hatchery type Buff Orpingtons.

What ones are you calling a, " New Hampshire "?

I say call them what you want! No they're not New Hampshire Reds. They also don't look like Buff Orpingtons either. They are pretty just the same.

Enjoy them

Thanks! They are very well fed and happy... and they are probably not at all concerned over what they "are", unlike their owner
I appreciate the feedback!
Here's another image that shows the body shape better... the feathers are golden, not pale yellow, but not red, with a slightly darker neck area. One of the hens has black speckles on her tail feathers, if that helps with identification.


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