Are these nice Brahma's?


12 Years
Aug 11, 2007
I want to raise Brahma's Right now I only have two one light cockrel and one dark pullet. Do they look like at least okay represenitives of there breeds? If not what is wrong so I know what to look for in the future. I plan to get 5-6 hens and 1 Rooster of each breed next year, Hope I can work these two into that Especially Zippy she is such a sweetheart.

Here is The Rooster. Still conisdering what to name him.
The chicken next to him is a SilverLaced Cochin (Very bad lacing) but a large pullet and he towers of her.

Here is Zippy-Doo She is a dark brahma and I think she is beautiful, but I have never seen one before so I really have no idea.

Here she is again with are largest Faverolle pullet.

Thanks for looking
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Hi. The Dark brahma looks fine. But the light brahma has way to much black on him. There shouldnt be that much black on him.

here is one of my roosters. This is what he should look like. Notice how there isnt alot of black.


here is one of my hens.
You both have some beautiful chickens I never noticed how much black he had on him tell I compared him to yours. Is there a way to tell as young chicks if they will get all the black or not? I think next year I am gonna buy eggs from somone who I can at least see pictures of what the parents look like!

Any one have pics of Dark Brahma's so I can Compare ZippyDoo
How old is your rooster? The chicks start out with a lot of black mixed into their feathers and lose that as they get older. My little Buff Brahmas are a little over two months old and they still have a few black feathers.

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