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    In a pen I have 2 peacocks, 1 peahen, 2 guinea cocks, and 1 guinea hen. The guinea hen started laying about two weeks ago, but we were still waiting for Iris (Peahen) to lay her first egg(She's 2 yrs old now). About a week ago (give or take) we got a guinea egg and another egg from that pen. The egg looked like a normal whitish-creamish colored chicken egg. This pen is right against our chicken run and I figured there was probably a small hole somewhere between the fence where one of our chicken hens could have got in and laid an egg, and then got out. So I set this egg aside (just in case it was an egg from Iris). Now for the past two days I've been getting about the same size creamish colored egg from that pen as I got a week ago. I have not seen any chicken hens in the pen, except for a very small hen (the size of a Silkie or smaller), and I know that if there was a hen getting in she couldn't possibly always be getting out before I saw her(The pen is totally fenced in, though I did find a hole in the side facing the chicken run. But I know that chickens aren't always smart enough to get back out the way they got in).

    Here is a picture of the eggs:
    The top three are the eggs in question that have mysteriously shown up in my Peafowl/Guinea pen. The egg in the bottom left is a guinea egg, and the egg in the bottom right is a Silkie egg. The Silkie egg doesn't look that much smaller here in the pictures, but believe me it is.

    I have no idea what peafowl eggs looked like, but I always heard they were about the size of a turkey's egg and looked about the same. Are these three eggs from my peahen, Iris? Or are they likely just a chicken's egg, and somebodies somehow getting in the run and laying her egg there?
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    peafowl eggs are about the size of a turkey egg , larger than a chicken egg, for sure larger than a guinea egg
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